I’m a graphic designer from India, based in Los Angeles, where I’m pursuing a BFA at the California Institute of the Arts, along with a minor in Digital Arts. I’ve previously worked with Wieden+Kennedy—and I’m currently the Graphic Design Representative at the CalArts Student Union. I’m a firm believer of the fact that design flourishes with personal connection, exploration, and trusting your gut.

PDF Portfolio available upon request.




A Recipe Guide To Emotional Eating
Saddle-stitched zine that can be flipped and read both ways

A collaborative zine with Kari Trail exploring reader interaction. Depending on the direction you read the zine, discover two different (emotional) recipes—Chicken Biryani by Shivangi, and Argentine Pavlova Roll by Kari. Each recipe includes an ingredient list, step-by-step instructions, a utensil guide, and a factual—as well as an emotional—description of our first time making the meal.

Inspired by vintage Indian catalogs and bright bold colorways, the recipe guide also plays with readability, book interactivity, and fun pairings between Hindi and English typefaces. The zine was designed back and forth between our two computers, and we lost count of the times we second-guessed which pages were upside-down and which were right-side-up!

︎︎︎ 2023
︎︎︎ Adobe InDesign, Procreate
︎︎︎ California Institute of the Arts